About MFA Collectibles

MFA COLLECTIBLES was founded by Mohammed Faisal Alwan in 2007 as MFA20K’s Kit Pit before being rebranded in 2018. The name has changed but the objective remains the same: To create the best artistic themed statues in the customs market.


What separates us from the rest is the way we respect the source material, our unshakable commitment to the highest quality, our unmatched desire to listen to inputs & feedback and our never ending strive to gain the complete satisfaction of all our valued customers.


We focus on producing extremely limited runs of kits and statues from various genres in different scales. Each piece you see was created with the utmost care, passion and dedication by various talented freelance sculptors, modelers and painters.


Thank you for visiting MFA COLLECTIBLES. Keep coming back for updates and info on all current and new products. We’re excited to have you be part of the journey. We guarantee you’ll like what’s already here and what’s to come